Gourmet Hawaiian Kava

LAST UPDATED---4-15-2014

Gourmet Hawaiian Kava is a Kava Grower in Hawaii who specializes in selling unique and varied Kava strains. In Hawaii, Kava goes by the name of ‘Awa. My name is Chris Allen and I am somewhat of a Kava expert having actively engaged in the research, study and growing of kava for over 20 years. I have been the President of the Hawaiian ‘Awa Council for the past 15 years. As president of the Council, it is my duty to educate people about this beneficial botanical that has been used for centuries by Islanders for both medicinal and social uses.

We chose to call ourselves “Gourmet” because we grow and sell rare strains of Kava that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. When you see a harvest date on our Kava, you know that Kava came from our own Farm and nowhere else. All our Kavas are “Noble” which means that have been safely used by Islanders for thousands of years. Like the coffee growers in Hawaii, we are a U.S. company who must abide by strict safety and wage standards. We cannot compete with Third World Islands on price but we can compete with anyone in the world on quality. Our Kava is grown and harvested here in the United States on the Big Island of Hawaii and it sells fast. It does not sit in dank overseas warehouses waiting to be shipped to the U.S. We have high turnover on our Kava so we stagger our harvests to make sure we always have Farm Fresh Kava for sale.

We are not a reseller or a Kava Bar, we are a Boutique Kava Grower and we grow and sell Kava for every occasion. What does this mean? First off, the active psychoactive ingredient in Kava is the Kavalactones. There are 6 main Kavalactones in Kava and the chemotype is a 6 digit number that shows you which Kavalactones are dominant. Each Kavalactone has an effect on the human body. Some will effect your muscles and some will effect your mind. So some chemotypes have effects which give relief from muscle pain, some provide relief from anxiety, others are mildly sedating, and some Kava is just well balanced. Kava Connoisseurs will use specific strains with specific chemotypes to get the medicinal or social effect they seek. For example, I am a farmer and I love the Papa Kea for pain relief. You can read more about Chemotypes in the Kava Library section of our website, coming soon. Knowing the chemotype of your Kava is very, very important.

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